Thanks, Jen, for this unexpected award
(award no longer given-no link) 

"This award cannot be applied for. It is for the Special On-line
contributions to Genealogy….that not only have their own family information up, but records and resources to help others in their work."
Thanks, Gracie


"Congratulations!  You have done an excellent job.  I find it
an excellent source of information and to thank you for helping
preserve family history, I am pleased to present you
with this award".
Thank you, Kirsten!

Thank you, Dodie for a surprise award

"Congratulations! Your site has received the Genealogy Park Award for Excellence.  We feel your site deserves recognition.  Again, congratulations on a great site."
Thank you, Barb & Ruth

"Recently, your web site, Shawna's Genealogy Site, was nominated for our genealogy award. So, we have been to your web site and found it informative, easy to navigate, original and an excellent contribution to
the internet genealogy community as a whole. We are happy to present you with he Genealogy Sleuth Excellence Award. Keep up the wonderful work!"
Thank You!

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