You've just won an award. Hey, it doesn't get any easier than this! This is for anyone with a family-friendly genealogy page whose roots & relatives are mainly from the south and who takes pride in his or her southern heritage. Right-click your mouse over the award and save it to your disk or hard-drive or I can send it to you via e-mail. Please do not link to the image file on this page.   If you take an award to display on your page, please e-mail me and tell me the URL of your site (for no other reason than that I love to look at new sites) and place a link to my page on yours (  Take the award and show your southern pride!


Pages Displaying my Award

Sherry's Genealogy Home Page:  Our Georgia Families
Durrell's Home Page
Melissa's Family Tree
Steps in Time
Rita's Southern Roots
Plant Your Family Tree
BJ's Genealogy Site
Surname Forest, Remembered Leaves
Shaking the Family Tree
Roots & Branches--Genealogy from the Carolinas
Alexandra's Family Tree House
Mt. View Research - Page Co., Va.
Carolina Roots
Wilma's Family Research
Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA
Jan Bunten's Genealogy Home Page
The Sykes Family
The James Sevier George Home Page
The Bawden Family Home Page
GrowinTree's Genealogy
Genealogy for Robersons, Hammonds & related Families
Back Home in Indiana
Gracie's Family Tree
The Hollowell Family
Cynthia's Genealogy World
The Rudge Family Page
Connect with Surnames
Once Upon a Time
Diggin' Up My Roots
John R. Crowe's Genealogy Page
Lynn's Genealogy Page
Cousins Searching Together
Hawkins-Hines-Valenta Family Tree
Laura's Genealogy
Jen's Family Tree
Reynolds Family Circle
My Boone Ancestry
Familes of Steel(e)
Our Righteous and Rotten Roots
The Rushers of North Carolina
Woodward Home Page
White-Jones Genealogy
Glen Lee's Family Tree
Myra's Genealogy Page
Brenda's Family Page
The Sulfridge Family Home Page
Hyland Family Home Page
Peggy's Genealogy on Over 50 Surnames
Fender Family Genealogy
Many Trails of Tears
The Treadway Web
Driggers Internet Family Tree
Queen's Crossing
LaLa's Land Family Genealogy Pages
Carroll's Corner
Anita Smith Quarles Genealogy on the Web
Wanda's Home Page
The Rural Studio
Templin Family Genealogy
Roger's Family History
Adams Family in Georgia
TreeSong's Genealogy Page
Doll's Genealogy Site
Bower Family Home Page
The Genealogy Pages
Tyler County Genealogical Society
Murphree Genealology
ODLL Homepage
Juanita's Genealogy Page
Cook Family of Western NC & Upstate SC
Kat's Genealogy
The Elam Family Research Page
Ellis and Keener Connections
Marie Beckman's Genealogy Home Page
The Olden Times: Old News from Tennessee
Old News from Virginia
Old Texas Newspaper Stories for Genealogy
Lawrence Co.,Alabama Genealogy & Other Diggins
The Heart of a Southern Family - Our Tranthem-Grant Roots
J. Wayne Rhine's Genealogy Gateway
Serena's Family Tree