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A set of great,great,great grandparents, 
Andrew Jackson Wood, born 12-6-1818 in
Buncombe County, NC and Jane Henderson, 
born 8-31-1819 in Buncombe County, NC

Great,great grandfather Alfred Henry
Owen, born 12-28-1844 in Haywood Co., NC and 
his mother Malinda Reid Owen, born 8-27-1830 in
South Carolina

Great grandparents Andrew Luther Owen (son
 of Alfred Henry Owen and Elizabeth
Caroline Wood),  born 5-3-1869 in Jackson
Co., NC and Easter Varina Broom Owen,
born 9-25-1872 in Jackson Co., NC

Great,great grandparents, William Lewis Dewey 
Broom, born 7-4-1837 in NC and Mary A. "Polly" 
Parker, born 11-27-1841 in NC, parents of Easter
Varina Broom Owen

My grandmother, Ella Mae Owen Matthews,
born 1-9-1892 in Jackson County, NC, oldest
daughter of Andrew Luther Owen and Easter 
VarinaBroom Owen.  She lived to be 100 years
and 3 months old!

My grandfather, Walter Harrison Mathis/Matthews,
born 4-22-1888 in Jackson County, NC.  Walt was
the husband of Ella Mae Owen Matthews and the son
of John Harlin Mathis Sr. and Sarah Haseltine
Cathey Mathis.

Sarah Haseltine Cathey Mathis, born 
10-19-1848 in Haywood Co., NC.  
Sarah was the daughter of James N.
Cathey born 2-26-1825 in Haywood
County, NC and the mother of Walter 
Harrison Mathis/Matthews.
My grandparents, Walter and Mae Matthews with 6 
of their 9 children. My mother is the small girl
in the middle.


My Mother, Opal Estella Matthews Green,
born 6-20-1931 in Jackson County, NC. 
She was the daughter of Walter
Harrison Mathis/Matthews and Ella
Mae Owen Matthews.
I'll always miss you, Mom.

My Father, William Everette Green, born 4-21-1925 
in Transylvania County, NC

My sister, Cathy Anne Green Felice,
born 12-1-1956 in Pontiac, Michigan

Me, Shawna Kaye Green Hall, born 1-17-1951
in Transylvania County, NC

Our son, Jeffrey William Hall,
born 2-16-1978 in Waterford, Michigan